Google Workspace, a cloud-based application previously called as Google Apps. It was first thrived in 2006 to support small to medium and large scale enterprises by incorporating outstanding features like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, and much more.

Since then, Google overhauled all the leading search engines with its huge database, accuracy, and relevant searches. It’s a one-stop solution for your business, and the prices remain the same. Despite this, a new brand name and the logo will be displayed on all other applications. It has changed from Google apps to Google Workspace, Google apps for work to Google Workspace basic, Google apps for education to Google Workspace for education, Google apps for non-profits to Google Workspace for non-profits, Google apps vault to Google Vault. Apply the Google Workspace coupon to get 20% discount before making a purchase. Google Workspace provides 14days free trial too.

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Google Workspace Promotional Codes

Google Workspace is an integrated suite which secures your data and creates a working environment manageable and more accessible. It comprises of Gmail, Google plus, Docs, Sheets, Drive for Storage, Slides, and many other products which are secure. Google Workspace, all the data is encrypted in every step, which is one of the security strategies. Initially, apply the GoogleWorkspace promo codes to get off.

GoogleWorkspace Discount Codes for All Countries 2020

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United States 20% Basic
United States 20% Business
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Brazil 20% Basic
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What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is used by millions of users and is mostly required for a medium and large business. Students can also look for Google Workspace, to keep their projects or data safe and no paperwork involved. Google Workspace is mainly used for new or startup business, small or mid-size firm or large companies, which makes the sharing and storing data accessible. Use the suite coupon to get 20% discount. All GoogleWorkspace apps are powered by google AI. The individuals can view updated monthly reports with the help of Google Workspace availability. Always GoogleWorkspace is available at the best price.

You can trust them as they will never manipulate our data, and the best part is users using the tool have their privacy. You can share files easily with whomever you want. Suite account is created by Google which gives access to Gmail, Docs sheets including forms and sites of collaboration. Although suite account is considered as one of the greatest mobile tools ever. By using GoogleWorkspace promo codes, you can get instant off. It is the world-class platform where one can find the best Google Workspace business apps.

Google Workspace Features

Benefits of Using Google Workspace

There are several benefits you get when you are using Google Workspace. It makes your work easier and also help your user to be on the same page. We will go through different benefits of Google Workspace and how it is one of the reliable software for you. 14days of free trial is also available.

1. File Ownership

It is essential that you have the ownership of your files even when you share them with your colleagues. Google Workspace helps to access the reports saved on the cloud and helps to take care that the data is collected and gives the ownership to you. Apply the suite coupon to get 20% discount.

The best part is if your employee has left the company, you can synchronize the data and another employee can use it without any interruption.

2. Sharing Documents

You can efficiently distribute documents over the same storage gateway with the click of a button. All you need to do is add the people you want to keep on that particular document or sheet, and once you do it, it will be accessible to the shared people easily. Use GoogleWorkspace promo codes for saving some bucks in your pocket right before making any purchase upon GoogleWorkspace plans.

3. Business Email Address Allocation

Google Workspace helps the organization to run effectively and efficiently by providing them any critical news at the same time. Now imagine, you are a team of the different department with a different role, now if there is an announcement, it would be a problem to send everybody email individually, to this, with the email address allocation, every product will be available at one place.

There are no extra costs for grouping, and the number of clubs you can add is limitless.

4. Unlimited Synonyms

Google Workspace works the best when we talk about email id with different names for your business purpose. The software creates the best way to get your own Synonyms. I have three separate work email for my business purpose, and Google Workspace helps me with it. You can use the GoogleWorkspace coupon to get instant off.

This characteristic allows you to perform specific and significatory tips for possible clients to get in contact. The various nicknames can also be applied to many accounts as a process for your team to manage incoming emails as a team.

5. Storage Capacity

Google Workspace again proved to be one of the best when it comes to storage space; you get 30gb storage space which is divided between your email and anything you retain in the drive. You need to pay $5/month to enjoy the plan and get the best use of it. You can also look forward to upgrading the product by paying $10/month. By using the GoogleWorkspace coupon codes, you can save some bucks in your wallet without spending much.

6. 24/7 Support

When you get a tool which provides you support for 24/7, what else do you need? Google Workspace takes the best care of their customers and ensures that you’re entirely covered 24/7 with the phone, email, and live chat customer support.

Google Workspace Plans

There are three different plans which you get with Google Workspace. This includes Google Workspace business, Google Workspace basic and Google Workspace enterprise. We will discuss all the plan in detail. Have a look.

Google Workspace Basic

Google Workspace Basic is deemed to be as one of the collaborative apps which advance one's business with prime characteristics. It encourages you to manage professional email, assigned calendars, documents, spreadsheets, performance, safety, administration control, and gives 30GB cloud storage. You will get excellent support with the help of the phone, email, and online. The basic plan does not lead to losing files and can be accessed wherever with an online connection. Get 20% discount by using the Google Workspace coupon codes.

G- Suite Business

Google Workspace Business is where each user in your organization can collect many Gmail messages, Google Photos, and files in Drive. Gmail help to build the group posting list if there are 4 or fewer users in your business; each user gets 1 TB of storage. The business plan audit report makes the best use to keep track of the project. Other specializations include archive and maintenance policies for email and chats, protection, management control, the process for email, conversations, and files. Use the Google Workspace promo codes to get instant off.

G- Suite Basic Business Enterprise

Google Workspace Enterprise is highly-recommended for the large business or small or medium size business. The plan includes all the basic and business feature; above that, you will get enhanced Google drive Security, scan email traffic for specific content, study images for text, use a third party stored product, examine emails logs in Big Query and many more. You can use S/MIME encryption with a few simple steps and will be able to automate mobile device management.

Know the 20 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Workspace for Business?

What is the Difference Between Google Workspace basic and Google Workspace Business?

Google Workspace basic is a productivity suite that offers a wide variety of functionality. It has the ability to share calendars with team members, improves event scheduling, use a custom email address and attending video meeting anywhere by using any device.

GoogleWorkspace business comes with extended functionality. It is loaded with Google vault with domain-wide admin security keys. All the GoogleWorkspace business users can take advantage of unlimited storage in the drive, photos and gmail. Additional features that include Data-loss prevention, advanced reporting and auditing for enterprise file sync.

What are the Difference Between Google Workspace Business and Enterprise?

GoogleWorkspace Business
GoogleWorkspace business is known as the enhanced office suite that gives unlimited storage and archiving. You can connect, create, control and get access to unlimited cloud storage.

GoogleWorkspace Enterprise
Enterprise is considered as the premium office suite that is packed with advanced controls and capabilities. It is additionally loaded with security administration controls, eDiscovery for emails and endpoint management.

Google Workspace for Education Pricing
If you’re a person who is really interested in purchasing Google Workspace enterprise for education then, you need to pay $4 per month. Google is providing GoogleWorkspace student discount.

Google Workspace India Pricing
Google Workspace India pricing starts at INR 210 per month. You need to pay 714 INR for GoogleWorkspace business plan and 1650 INR for Google Workspace enterprise. Google is also offering special Google Workspace discount for students too.

What is the Google Workspace Plans and Pricing?
Google Workspace offers 3 types of Google Workspace business plans & pricing. For the basic GoogleWorkspace plan, you need to pay $2.95 per month, $10.02 for GoogleWorkspace business plan and $23.16 for GoogleWorkspace enterprise plan. Don't forget to apply the google GoogleWorkspace basic promo code 2020 for getting instant off on your purchase.

Google Workspace Groups
An individual who owns a Google Workspace can create new groups and mailing lists efficiently. The central theme of these groups is to communicate with entire teams, including with your Organization. You can also make an independent calendar for each group to schedule events and team meetings.

Google Workspace Products

Google Workspace offers a variety of products, which makes your business run smoothly and efficiently. Let us see what the different Google Workspace product provided are

Google Workspace Products


Gmail will help you to connect and share valuable information. It works best to send any information from one person to the other


Calendar is one of the exciting features of the GoogleWorkspace, with the shared calendar you will be able to know about your team busy schedule and if they are free, you can call them for the meeting.


Hangout is often used to interact and keep your team organized and up to date of what has happened for the time being.


Docs is where you can store your information, and keep all the files secured and protected


Sheet usually works best to keep the report up to date. By sharing it with your team, you will get to know about the performance as per week or month.

Hangout Meets

Hangout meets make it easier for the client to interact and work best for meetings, or any video conference.

Pros Cons

There are three different plan which is offered by the Google Workspace team. You can look for basic, business, and enterprise plan.


Belgium Basic plan will be just €5.2 / month, whereas the Business plan and Enterprise plan will be €10.4 / month and €23 / month, respectively. You can look for Belgium Google Workspace promo code to get the plan at a much lower price than usual.

South Africa

Google Workspace is available in South Africa, which you can pay in U.S. dollars, or you can deal with them with Euro currency. When we talk about U.S. dollars pricing options the charge for the basic plan will be $6, if you are looking for the business plan, you will be charged $12, and for the enterprise plan, you need to pay $25. The charges have to be paid every month.

Asia & Middle East

Asia & Middle East countries like Hong Kong, India, Turkey and other can pay for the Google Workspace plan either in their currencies which are Euros, Indian rupee, Japanese Yen, or they can pay with U.S currencies for their primary, enterprise, and business plan. The U.S charges will be the same as given above, which is $6 for the basic plan, $12 for the business and $25 for the enterprise.

Google Workspace Business Promo Code Australia

Australian and Oceania country includes New Zealand, Australia, and others. The charges will be based on Australian dollars, or you can pay them with .U.S. dollars, which will be the same charges as given above. The payment is easy and secure.


Google Workspace has its availability in Europe as well, and the country which supports includes Austria, Belgium, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, etc. The payment option is easy and secure, you can either pay them in Euros, or you can pay them with U.S dollars which will be $6 for the basic plan, $12 for the business and $25 per month for the enterprise plan.

North & South America

Looking at the different countries of North & South America, Google Workspace availability is in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and others. You can pay them with the foreign currency which are Brazilian reais, Mexican Pesos, or with .U.S. dollars.

Google Workspace France

France Basic plan will be charged around €5.2 / month, the Business plan will be €10.4 / month, and the Enterprise plan will be as little as €23 / month. Do not miss to grab the coupon code to get the best product at a much lower price than the original price. All the plans will be accessible to instantly; you make the payment.

Google Workspace Promo Code Germany

Germany has a lot of users using the best plans. You can look for a Basic plan which will be €5.2 / month, the Business plan will charge you just €10.4 / month, and the Enterprise Plan will be €23 / month. Also, don't miss the opportunity to grab the coupon code and discount to get the highest services at an affordable price.

Google Workspace Promotion Code india

When we look at India's Google Workspace plan, you hardly have to spend anything. The Basic Plan will be charged for INR 420/month, the business plan will be INR 840/ month, and the enterprise plan will be INR 1650 a month. You can look for India Google Workspace promo code to get the best price on all the plans.

Japan Discount

If you are looking for Japan Basic plan, it will charge you - ¥680 / month, the business plan will be charged around - ¥1360 / month, and the enterprise plan will be ¥3000 / month. You can look for a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services. Also, look for Japan Google Workspace promo code to get the plan at a reasonable price.

Google Workspace Netherlands

Netherlands basic plan will charge you just €5.2 / month, whereas the business plan and enterprise plan will be €10.4 / month & €23 / month respectively. You can look for money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool.

Google Workspace United Kingdom

Google Workspace the UK plans is where you get Basic plan will be €5.2 / month, the business plan will be €5.2 / month, and the enterprise plan will come at just €23 / month. You can look for Google Workspace UK coupon code if you want the services at the best price.

Google Workspace Promo Code USA

Most of the USA’s business and organization are up to date with Google Workspace plans. If you are looking for the basic plan you need to pay just $6, for the business plan you will be charged around $12 and the enterprise plan will be costing you $25.


If you look at the Argentina plan, you will be charged A$8.4 / month for the basic plan; the business plan will be available for just A$16.8 / month. The enterprise is for large businesses where you need to pay only A$34 / month. The payment process is easy and secure, and you can also look for 14 days free trial option.

Canada Discount Code

Canada Google Workspace plan is now available at a much less price with Google Workspace coupon code. Usually, you will get the basic plan at just C$7.8 / month, while the business plan will charge you C$15.6 / month and if you are looking for the enterprise plan for your business, you need to pay C$34 / month.

Google Workspace Ireland Promotional Codes

Ireland is one of the countries where most of the business and organization uses Google Workspace to ease their work schedule. You can grab the best deal with Ireland Google Workspace promo code. Coming to the plans, you will be charged €5.2 / month for the basic plan, the enterprise plan will be charged around €23 / month, and the business plan will be €10.4 / month.

Google Workspace Italy

Italy Google Workspace plans are popular and are used mostly by small and mid size firm. When we look at the pricing option, you will get to pay only €5.2 / month for the basic plan. The enterprise and the business plan will be €10.4 / month and €23 / month, respectively.

Frequently asked questions

01. Can a user have multiple Google Workspaces email address?

Yes, you can. Google Workspace allows you to have your business email and you can link it with your gmail. You can also look for alternatives like video and voice conferencing, secure teams messaging, etc.

02. Why use Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a platform where you get to keep your data arranged and protected. Imagine if you are working in an organization where you do not maintain the transparency of doing business. How hard it will be for you to find the data and keep your team and organization on the same path. Google Workspace encourages you to track what is happening in your organization and make your work easier.

03. Does Google Workspace have a free trial?

Yes, you get 14 days free trial on all the plans with Google Workspace. So, if you have any doubt with the services, you can look for a 14-day free trial where you can use the plans, and if you don't like it, you can cancel with the payment option. Also, GoogleWorkspace fully-featured services will only be available after you make the payment.

04. For whom Google Workspace Works the best?

If you are looking Businesses or individual for team unity, Time control, Group Mechanism, Management of workflow, then you can always believe in Google Workspace. There are other collaborative tools obtainable in the market, which are MS Office 365, Zoho or workplace, but Google Workspace is a step leading of whatever services they offer.

You get a brilliant application which is more comfortable to navigate and easy to use with the utility tools like Google Docs, Sheets, etc. If you want your business and organization to grow immensely and keep a clear understanding of the organization, you can always go with GoogleWorkspace.

05. Why you need Google Workspace Promo Code?

Google Workspace Promo Code will help you to get the plans at a much lower price than the original one. Make sure you look for the promo code to get a reasonable price with discounts and offers. Also, discounts and offers have become one of the best ways to ease your spending and shop more.

06. How to Apply Google Workspace promo code?

Google Workspace Promo Code can be easily applied by copying the coupon code given above and click on the coupon link. You will be redirected to the website. Choose your plan and make sure you paste the coupon code before you checkout. The coupons will surely work; if it doesn't, you can notify us in our mail.

07. How much does Google Workspace for nonprofits cost?

GoogleWorkspace always focuses on what matters the most. By choosing GoogleWorkspace for nonprofits gives access to GoogleWorkspace basic features. Google Workspace for nonprofits is a free program globally.

08. How much is google business email?

For google business email, you need to pay $6 per month. Every user gets a professional google business email address. The premium user can get access to docs, spreadsheets, slides, drawing and many more. It's time to upgrade from GoogleWorkspace basic to business.

09. How to Set Up A Google Workspace Account?

Step1: Login into the Google Workspace account by entering your company name
Step2: Now, enter your contact information after entering Google, send a confirmation email to you.
Step3: After verifying your email, Google asks if you have a business domain name or not.
Step4: In case, if you don't have purchase one domain at Google by paying $12/year
Step5: Next, enter your business address and complete contact information.
Step6: Finally, choose your username and password for the Google Workspace account and use these credentials to log in to your Google Workspace tools.

10. How To Delete Google Workspace?

Step1: You can export and save your Google Workspace user data
Step2: Delete your purchased Google Workspace marketplace apps
Step3: Login with your Google domain
Step4: In the left side, you can find a menu and "click Email"
Step5: Click "Manage Google Workspace Subscription"
Step6: Now "Cancel the Google Workspace subscription" permanently

Zoho vs GoogleWorkspace

Zoho: Zoho is a secure email web hosting for your business. It is secure and most reliable business ever. While on the other hand, GoogleWorkspace is the best collaborative and productivity application for business. Some of the features offered such as Gmail, Google Drive and calendar. Among all these, GoogleWorkspace is primarily classified as a productivity suite.

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