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G Suite vs Zoho

Without hesitation, many business organizations can pick Google’s G Suite as one of the leading cloud-based collaboration platforms. G Suite is out there for around 15 years. It has established its productivity and performance over these years.

However, G Suite cannot be the only one small and medium businesses can rely on. Zoho, with several similar and different features, is of course, a platform worth trying and experiencing. A comparison of both will give you a full picture.

What Are G Suite and Zoho

G Suite and Zoho are cloud-based collaboration platforms. If the first one is a product of Google, the latter is an Indian platform.

There are not quite significant differences for most of the basic features of both platforms. Yet, as we closely analyze the technical parts of the advanced features, you can see variations.

Both are providing a similar suite of applications and email platforms, aiming to provide an all-in-one package for businesses.

Workplace Communication and Collaboration

G Suite is famous for its capacity to accommodate big enterprises of hundreds of employees. At the same time, it is perfect for medium and small businesses as well as for individuals. For the workplace, communication members can use Hangout Chat and Hangout Meet.

Zoho is created to bring the most productive collaboration platform for small and medium businesses. For collaboration, it has a special section named Zoho Workplace. It can be used by up to 100 members. One-to-one audio and video calls are available through Zoho Clique. Also, it allows members to create various channels and groups to communicate quickly and start a conversation.


Both G Suite and Zoho have monthly and annual plans. As G Suite comes with several features, it costs higher comparatively as the prices start from ₹210 per user per month for Basic, ₹714 per user per month for Business, and ₹1650 per user per month for Enterprise.  The individual can save some bucks by using G Suite discount code.

Zoho, on the other hand, is quite affordable and has three plans: Standard, Professional, and Mail Only plan. Standard comes at ₹99 and Professional at ₹399. Both platforms provide a two-weeks free trial.

Cloud Storage

Storage capacity really matters in cloud-based collaboration. G Suite brings the top storage as 30GB cloud storage for the basic plan and unlimited for the Business plan.

The Zoho Standard package comes with a 30GB mail storage per user and 5GB WorkDrive storage per user. Further, for the Professional package, 100GB Mail storage per user and 10GB WorkDrive storage per user.

Zoho Mail and Gmail

Gmail is the email suite for most of the businesses irrespective of the size. There is no doubt that its quite convenient to work on with all essential facilities such as advanced chat options, high storage, and so on.

Zoho, as it brings a different email option, deserves an explanation. The best thing about Zoho mail is its filter option, and archival and eDiscovery are significant features. Email backup and restoration make the users confident to use it.

Both the platforms are beneficial in their own ways, and it is difficult to find cons if we consider the pricing and aims of them.