G Suite

How To Delete G Suite ?

G Suite plays a crucial role in all small to large businesses for collaboration G Suite and management. At a point in time, as you use the G Suite for your business, you have to delete the G Suite account of an employee.

Deleting the G Suite account is a piece of cake that includes a few steps. At the same time, you have to be careful about several matters because there would be a lot of data stored that is useful for further. You can try these G Suite promo code to get 20% off.

Prior to deleting you have to make sure the former user(s) are not accessing the account. It may, as you can expect, can be harmful to your data. The best thing to do is to reset the password.

Besides don’t forget to disable the two-security verification process while resetting the password. Being that said, you should reset all login cookies from the administrator screen. As you do it, it will automatically restrict anyone from logging in from other devices.

Once you have changed the password and ensured the accessibility of the former user to your G Suite account, you can backup the data. Getting all your data such as docs, sheets, and calendar are very important. Why do you need to do this after you reset your password? Definitely, the backup takes a lot of time. So, you have to get it done with the password reset.

In this section, you have to transfer several things such as ownership of any files located in the departing users Google Drive account, Google groups, and shared calendars.

If you want to save important data such as Google+ content, files stored in Google Drive, Google Calendar events, Gmail messages before deleting the account and subscription of G Suit then you need to download all. If you have not downloaded any file it will automatically be erased with your account.

The only data for Drive Enterprise which they can save is files. Besides, an email-verified Drive Enterprise has the privilege of saving any shared drive data that is important for you even after deleting the subscription. You can easily download and export any file and data by using the data export tool.

 In case if you have subscribed and installed any G Suite Marketplace apps then before canceling your subscription, you need to delete those apps. Even if you have multiple subscriptions and cancel only your G Suite subscription, you can start and access to a new G Suite subscription, which will restore your data for 21 days.

After this period, you can’t create a new G Suite subscription as part of your Google Account for another 60 days. Canceling all the subscriptions and delete your organization’s Google Account, you can free your domain within 24 hours.

If you have any cloud platform project which you need to save for the future then you to transfer your ownership of the projects out of the organization. Before deleting the organization’s Google Account, you must print payment receipts and save monthly invoices as it will not retrieve the records.