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How to Set up Google Workspace Groups?

Technical companies play an essential role in the development of every sector. Google is a tech giant that enjoys a high reputation in the market. It develops hardware and software for various requirements. The company also creates apps that make the task easy. The recent Google app that took the tech world by storm is the Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is a bundle that contains various technical tools. There are different Google Workspace suites for business management, education, government, and NGOs. These bundles are available in multiple versions. The user must register to open a Google Workspace account and access these tools. They need to pay a certain fee that depends on the technical tool bundle. Just save money on things you want and use the Google Workspace discount code to get 10% instant off.

Google Workspace Groups

A quick search on the internet highlights that there are four different Google Workspace groups. The user must pay attention when he/she creates the groups. Proper group creation can assist the management task. If you fail to accomplish this, it may pave the path for complexities. 

E-mail List is one of these four groups. It makes communication via e-mails easy. The second group feature is the Web Forum. It is a discussion platform where people can exchange ideas. The F&Q section is another group. Here a user can post a question, and others can offer the answers. The Collaborative Inbox is the fourth group in the application bundle.

The Process To Create Google Workspace Groups

1. The user is the admin of the account. The admin must use the correct credentials to log in on the Admin Console.

2. When the homepage opens, the user needs to scroll down. There he/she can get the “More Controls” option. The user must click on this option. Then he/she can click on the “Group” option. 

3. It triggers the site to open a new page. At the top left-hand corner of the page, the user can find the “Create Group” option.

4. Then the applicant must determine the setting options. 

5. The user must type in the name of the Group. Then he/she must type in an apt description.

6. In the e-mail field, the user needs to type in the mail ID. He/she must use this ID to send mails to the other group members.

7. The user can type in the name of the person who monitors the group in the next field. It is an optional criterion.

8. Then the user needs to select the type of access that the group members can enjoy.

9. After this, the user must choose the access and membership settings.

10. The member joining criterion is an important task. The user can choose the necessary measures. Selected members associated with the group can join. Some keep the membership open for all. Others can choose the “join by invitation” option.

11. The user can turn on or off the “Allow Members Outside Your Organization” option. It restricts outsiders’ access to this group.

12. Once the setting is complete, the user must click on the option “Create Group.”

13. It triggers the software to create and activate the groups as per the users’ needs.

You may find the task challenging if you lack the technical know-how. You can consult with the experts and seek their assistance. Apart from this, online tutorials can also come in handy.