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How to Get Discount on Google Workspace Education?

Google Workspace bundles are great stuff for the management of the business and various teaming activities. Even G Google Workspace Business Starter edition has a great deal of a full product suite that has company email and document storage. It has major 3 editions- Business Starter , Business Standard, and Enterprise Standard. All the 3 are premium editions, and it is worth every penny. However, Google Workspace has a free edition available. It’s good news, but how to get that? For whom is it available?

There are 3 ways to get Google Workspace for free-

  • Piece it together yourself using a free Gmail account.
  • An individual can get free Google Workspace Business Starter if the organization is a non-profit.
  • If you are running a school, you can get a Google Workspace for Education for free.

The ultimate way is that you have to piece it together to prove yourself a non-profit or educational organization to get a Google Workspace edition for free or pay up.

1. How To Get a Google Workspace for Free by Piecing It Together Yourself?

If you are willing to do some extra work then you could get the access of all the Google Workspace products and a company email. This only works when you have no members in your firm; you are running the business alone. Or you have a very small organization where there is no requirement to set specific emails for your employees. It works like this-

  • Sign up for a free Gmail account.
  • It gives you access to all the standard Google Workspace products such as Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets.
  • Here you can point your company email to your Gmail account to send and receive emails from that address via Gmail.

2. How To Get a Google Workspace for Free as a Non-Profit?

If your organization is non-profit then you can get a Google Workspace for free. You can get a full version of Google Workspace Business Starter for free after signing up for the non-profit page.

All the facilities and features will be the same for free Google Workspace Business Starter for non-profit, the only limitation you will experience is the limited document storage. On Google Workspace Business Starter free edition for non-profit organizations, you will be offered the storage limitation to 30 GB per user. Although 30 GB is not a lot of storage besides, if you use Google Drive to store all your files, then you will hit the limit very easily.

For increasing the storage space, Google Workspace offers one option to supplement your free Google Workspace Business Starter plan with a Dropbox plan. It provides you ample storage that you will ever need in a reasonable amount and also enables you to keep your free Google Workspace Business Starter plan.

It is advised that if you are a non-profit organization, then you must absolutely sign up for Google Workspace Business Starter. It is a great organized set of products that has the highest user satisfaction rates in the category and is exclusively for non-profit organizations, and it is fully free as well.

3. How To Get Google Workspace Education for Free?

Google has an exclusive and free edition of Google Workspace for schools called Google Workspace Education. Google Workspace for school offers 2 plans- a standard plan and an enterprise plan.

The Google Workspace standard edition for Education plan is entirely free, which includes the full product suite, email accounts for your school, unlimited document storage as well as video conferencing. It is genuinely an amazing deal.

If you qualify the Google Workspace for Education plan, you will definitely get the edition for free.

Google Workspace for school as an enterprise version of Google Workspace for Education is not free, which includes additional administration features along with video conferencing suitable for large audiences. If you’re a larger educational institution, Google Workspace for Education for enterprise edition is worth a try.

Bottom Line

A Google Workspace for Education is a great deal, less money spent on software means more money to invest elsewhere in the business. Google Workspace is a simple subscription plan that enables you to easily manage user accounts for your company, handle company email, ample space to store documents, and offers a complete set of office software. It quickly eliminates all the issues by getting Google Workspace.

Google Workspace isn’t the only option in the market; there are various options present such as Microsoft’s Office 365, which is the fierce competitor of Google Workspace with a similar offer. However, in the comparison, Google Workspace wins in all ways. Google Workspace has a much higher user satisfaction score than Microsoft’s Office 365.

For someone who has neither a non-profit organization nor an educational institute, then even it is possible to get Google Workspace for free by accessing Google’s product suite via Gmail account, and then connecting your company email to that account. However, it is best suited only for the small organization.