G Suite

What One Must Know About G Suite for Education?

Google helps internet users with information on any topic under the sun. It aids students and online tutors. Many professionals teach on the online platform. If you want to become a part of this education system, you need proper certifications. Google Certified Trainers and Educators can get better opportunities. Use the G Suite voucher code to get 20% off on your selected plans.

Such instructors must possess information about the G Suite for Education. You need to apply and pass the Level 1 examination to earn a Google certificate.

About G Suite for Education

Experts suggest that every individual must develop his/her critical thinking talent. This G Suite can help you to accomplish this task. The package contains various tools. These boost communication skills and creative abilities. The primary aim is to assist the instructors to gain and maintain education objectives. It paves the path for the betterment of the students.

Benefits of the G Suite

Your organization must register to get the certification and access the G Suite. Here are the vital perks that G Suite offers:

  • You can access the platform at any time, from any place.
  • You need to log in once to access various applications
  • You can use the suite on any gadget. The G Suite is compatible with all platforms.
  • The collaborative feature makes it popular with educators and students alike.

Core Services that G Suite Offers

Access to the G Suite highlights the various facilities that it provides. The admin can disable and activate any service as and when required. Here is a list of popular core services that can aid the education process:

Google Classroom

It is a feature that acts like an online classroom. The service paves the path for smooth communication between teachers and the pupils. They can discuss the assignments and work together. The paperless assignment submission process makes things easy for the students. The teachers can offer their feedback. The feature allows the educators to grade the pupils as per their performances.


Educators and students can access their Gmail. They need not pay additional charges for this facility. The G Suite education account detects spam emails and can filter and eliminate such issues with ease.

Google Chrome Sync

The users can link the G Suite with Chrome. It provides the facility to a bookmark of any topic. They can check the history, and connect passwords on all gadgets, which have Chrome.

Google Drive

The teachers and students can access their respective Google Drives. They can save the assignments and study materials in the drive. The users can get these items from any gadget via Google Drive. You can sync the G Suite with Google Drive without much hassle.

Google Calendar

Students and educators can organize the study schedule better with the Google Calendar. If you register on G Suite, you need not worry about unwanted advertisements. The suite is ad-free and prevents any promotional content.

Apart from these facilities, you can access Google Contacts, Google Groups, Google Sites, Jamboard, Google Slides, and Drawing services. G Suite provides these services to the users free of cost.